The benefit to hosting on Amazon S3 over YouTube is that your videos are presented without the YouTube logo and there is no link back to your YT page (however, some strategies actually use the link back to YT to drive subscribers to the YT channel). The benefit is that you can clearly brand the video as your own and it looks much more professional.

Hosting on your web server is an option - but it is less desirable than both YouTube AND Amazon S3 - the reason is that web hosts charge much more for bandwidth and video will use us your alloted bandwidth very quickly. Therefore it is a good idea to purchase a video hosting such as Amazon S3. Once the videos are hosted via S3, you have absolute 100% control over the content of that video and how it is played, including assigning a player to it such a Simple Video Pro.

Because SVP is so flexible, either way: you can embed in video opt-in forms, buy it now buttons and a whole heap of more features. There is really no other platform out there that competes with SVP.

If you use Amazon S3, I recommend downloading Cloud Berry Amazon S3 explorer and purchasing an Amazon S3 service. It is a dirt cheap video hosting and streaming service that is extremely reliable. Also, another added benefit of purchasing wholesale streaming, is that if you get a large amount of website traffic to your website, the bandwidth of the video won't slow down your server. That's because Amazon S3 takes care of all the load of the loading and buffering videos.

Google setting up an Amazon S3 account and check out Cloudberry Amazon S3 explorer:

Once you've done that, you can upload your videos and manage your Amazon S3 account with Cloudberry.