If you have a valid current license and entered the Email address you used with PayPal when you made the purchase, then this issue can be caused by one of two server related issues. It sounds like your web host server is not allowing our software to read the license data from our servers.

Tell your server support group that EyeBall Glue or SVP uses CURL to read data from the domains listed below.

Also let them know that if CURL does not work, EyeBall Glue or SVP has two fall back methods:

file URL open

and if that does not work, it tries SOAP.

If it does not work, then it means your server either does not have any of these options enabled or it is restricting access to outside servers.

They can enable one of these methods and/or allow access to the following domains:



Any further issues please have them contact our support at support@eyeballglue.com