First, view the page in Chrome and right-click on the page… select “Inspect Element” 
– then click “Console” 

If there are any errors in red that say “Undefined”, “TypeError”, or “Syntax” then this is due to a javascript error on the page. 

The offending file is usually shown on the right…. 

Contact the developer of that file and send the screenshot to us as well with a brief description of the problem
(you can tell if it is a plugin or theme because it will be in the “plugins” or “themes” folder with the name of the plugin or theme).

If there are no such errors (and only “Not Found” errors, then his may be caused by an access restriction on your web host. It should be able to read files in the plugins folder.

Specifically, the web host server is not allowing read access to the folders containing the files that load the Javascript and the xml data.

Tell them that these two files only have one line of code in them with no errors. Once they fix the access to the FOLDERS these files are in, everything should be working fine.