SSL means secure socket layer - it makes it so that people cannot hack the communication between websites and get your personal information. When you go to a website using, the "s" in https means "secure" - and that requires to have what is called an SSL Certificate - so other computers know they are legit. ;-) When you go to a website using http:// (without the "s"), then you are browsing that site without SSL - just a normal connection.

You can use FanBuzz and Simple Video Pro without SSL. However, Facebook requires that if you want your videos to play on the timelines, that the site where the video player is hosted (your site) have SSL.

In the case of fan page tabs created using FanBuzz, facebook also requires SSL be on the hosting domain (your domain).

Therefore, it is a good idea that the domain where you are hosting SVP and/or FanBuzz have an SSL Certificate.

I suggest you contact your web host and first ask if they will install external SSL certificates. If they will, then go to and grab one for about $9 per year… If not, ask how much it costs to have them obtain and install an SSL Certificate for your domain name. It will give you a more professional business and will pay off in the long run.